Cost-effective dynamic daylighting for existing buildings
Montage showing IntelliBlind, IntelliBlind mounted on its host blind, and an urban skyline
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The following table provides a non-exhaustive listing of trademarks (and corresponding generic terms) used by DCT. The absence of a mark or name from this list does not constitute a waiver of DCT's intellectual property rights concerning that mark or name.

Table 1: Non-Exhaustive List of Trademarks Used by Daylight Control Technologies, LLC
Trademark Generic Term
IntelliBlind™ Intelligent miniblind actuator
IntelliBlinds™ Intelligent miniblind actuators
IntelliDapter™ Motorization technology
IntelliLux™ Sensor technology
IntelliShading™ Automated shading technology
IntelliState™ Automated shading technology
IntelliTwist™ User interface technology, Wand

The presence of each generic term in Table 1 is implied wherever the corresponding trademark appears herein, whether or not said generic term is explicitly stated.

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Permissible Use

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Limitation of Liability

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Cost-effective dynamic daylight control for non-residential daylighting
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