Cost-effective dynamic daylighting for existing buildings
Montage showing IntelliBlind, IntelliBlind mounted on its host blind, and an urban skyline
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About Daylight Control Technologies LLC

Daylight Control Technologies LLC is a privately held technology and product-development firm specializing in automated window shading. Our mission is to bring automated shading to the mass market by developing innovative, cost-effective products, maturing them to market-readiness, and transferring the resulting intellectual property for commercialization.

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Capabilities and Expertise

  • Embedded systems, including hardware design and software development
  • Ergonomics, including usability testing and development of analytical usability models
  • Mechatronics, particularly for cost-sensitive applications
  • Primary and secondary market research, including surveys, focus groups, segmentation and positioning analyses, penetration and diffusion modeling, and synthesis of market-driven product requirements
  • Sensors, including opto-electronics, MEMS, capacitive touch-sensing, and acoustic transducers
  • Signal-processing, particularly for sensor signal conditioning in cost-sensitive applications
  • Systems engineering and project management

Business Model

We are focused exclusively on technology and product development and offer Intellectual Property (IP) for purchase or exclusive/nonexclusive license. This includes patents, copyrights, and trade secrets as well as technical information to facilitate commercialization. The latter includes product designs and source code for either functional or pre-production prototypes, depending on when the IP is transferred.

Cost-effective dynamic daylight control for non-residential daylighting
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